Balcony and Terrace Gardening Services in Bangalore 

Kitchen, Terrace and Balcony Gardening is one of the most convenient methods of growing your own fruits and vegetables. Every home has a balcony or terrace and we can help you install plantations by using the space to its optimum level. Doorplants will help you produce your own fruits and vegetables. Terraces can be covered with soil to nurture a lush green urban terrace garden. Pots can also be used for the same.

Doorplants provides you with a vast range of kitchen and terrace plants including fruits and vegetables in Bangalore. Not only do we provide you with plants and materials, we also help to design and implement your kitchen and terrace gardens as per your requirements. If maintained properly, these plantations can give you amazing returns. The growth of the plants depend on the nutrients of the soil. Our team makes sure that rich soil is used for your gardening purpose. Regular manure and compost also needs to be added to keep your gardens lush.

Fruits and vegetables that are easier to grow on terraces include French beans, chillies, tomatoes, brinjal, okra and lime. Other vegetables like cucumber, ridge gourd and bottle gourd are also ideal for gardening. You can also try planting trees that bear fruits like guava, banana, etc.

Apart from vegetables and fruits, Doorplants can also help you beautify your homes with a range of flowering plants and medicinal plants. Our team of skilled and experienced horticulturists will make sure that every plant is properly set up for you to nurture. We also provide an annual maintenance contract wherein our professionals nurture and care for your plantations while you have a hassle free moment to enjoy the lushness around your home.

Doorplants will transform you kitchen, terrace and balcony into rich lush patches of greenery. Give us an opportunity to make your home a greener place to live in Bangalore.

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Doorplants Recently Completed Terrace Gardening & Vertical Gardening Project in Bangalore.
Services Provided -
1) Garden Design
2) Vertical Gardening
3) Artificial Floor Grass
Client Name - Titus Rasquinha
Address - Redfince Putenia, Langford Road, Shantinagar, Bangalore.  
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