Vertical Gardening Services in Bangalore

Are you a nature lover? Or someone who loves greenery, but have no space for a garden? Well, this will no longer be a problem. We bring you the best vertical gardening services in Bangalore. It is indubitably a boon for people who live in space constraint houses or apartments. Vertical gardening is also known to keep the building warm and provides noise insulation. You can opt for these gardens both outdoors and indoors, which are available in various sizes. Also, you can effortlessly grow delicious vegetables, fruits, show plants and colourful floral plants.

What is Vertical Gardening?

Vertical gardening or green wall is a type of garden where your wall or a blank fence is partly or completely covered with greenery. When it comes to vertical garden, it needs less soil preparation and less weeding. It does not need an intensive maintenance; therefore, anyone can opt for a vertical garden. These gardens, even make a great décor. They instantly beautify the place and provide a calming environment. Today, these gardens have gained immense popularity and are the latest green trend, and are simply enthralling to look at. With over 5 years of experience, our company is one of the reliable vertical gardening providers in Bangalore.

Our Product Range
Beautify Your Home & Offices with our different kinds of Vertical Gardening Solutions.
Omni Green
Simplest & Versatile Bio-wall System for Domestic as well as large scale installation
Modularity for easy installation & handling 
Module size large enough to support many types of plants
Various ways of installation either with back support members or on suspended wire ropes and also on tilted surfaces
Easy water management with 16 mm commonly available emitter lines
Living Green Walls
There is 100 % vegetation cover,
Good control over inbuilt irrigation & drains,
Wide range of plants choices,
Technical & scientific backup,
Immediate effect,
Honest efforts to provide satisfactory maintenance service.
Mortality replacement guarantee.
Bio Wall
Household Green wall
Plants can be changed easily
Green wall designed for Succulents & Seasonal flowering plant
Good for Ground covers
Easy to plant, install & maintain
Longevity enabled growth medium
In built water reservoir
Bio Curtains
Sustainable in long-run as well
Easy to install
Utility oriented system.
Secured in place so that pots donʼt come off.
Cost effective.
More than 6 ways of installation. This can be installed on wall, structure, vertical pipes, horizontal pipes, wire ropes or dowels.