What are the best plants for vertical garden?

You might like a certain type of plants but that might not fit into the type of garden you have. Apart from your preferences, you also need to see what suits the area better. Here, we will tell you what are the best plants for a vertical garden.

If you have a vertical garden, you will know how they soften the dull walls and breathe life into heavy and urban spaces. With an increase in apartment living, most people look for creative ideas for small space gardens or vertical garden. These kinds of options are gaining popularity and enhance the beauty and aesthetic of your home or office.

Best plants for vertical garden

From grasses to succulents, from small perennial shrubs to herbs, you can grow many plants in a vertical garden. Find out the best options you have to know which one you should choose:

  1. Money Plant   Scindapsus Aureus is commonly known as the Money Plant and grown in several homes in Asia. It can be another addition to your vertical garden for both beauty and fortune. Money Plant is round, has flat leaves yet plump. According to Vastu experts, these plants provide us with positive energy and help your ear and invest money. It is a sign of good luck and prosperity. You must keep the plant in the southeast direction of your living room.  Money Plant for Vertical Garden
  2. Ferns – Ferns are one of the common garden plants that people usually buy as they adapt well and resist humidity. It is easy to grow ferns and cover areas quickly. You can also grow different types of the plant like sword fern, bird’s nest fern, and blue star fern. Ferns generally grow downwards so you need to grow more covering plants with them.Fern for Vertical Garden
  3.  Bromeliads  –Bromeliads have shallow roots and need little space to grow. This is what makes them perfect for vertical gardens. They have colorful leaves that long-lasting flowers. This plant has beautiful flowers like Aechmea, Billbergia, and Guzmania. All of them can survive in the vertical garden and grow in little soil. They also have patterned leaves making the plants look more appealing.Bromeliads plants for Vertical Garden-min
  4. Begonias –If you’re planning to hang the living wall in a space that gets great sunlight, you can add begonias. These come in different shapes and sizes, they are compact, cane trailing, or variegated. All of these survive in a vertical garden and have colorful leaves with white and pink flowers.Bromeliads plants for Vertical Garden
  5. Hosta –Hosta is a lovely plant with variegated foliage and works likes a groundcover in gardens. If you have the vertical garden on a shady side, you can buy these plants. They need a cool climate and not the scorching sun. Hostas look striking green and have patterned leaves. They have lavender and white flowers during summers. The plants die during winters and regrow in spring.Hosta for Vertical Garden-min
  6. Succulents –Succulents are one of the most common plants for vertical gardens as they adapt almost anywhere. They resist the fluctuation of weather, climatic variation, and temperature. You can choose from the string of pearls, crassula, sedum, and echeveria, and buy the succulents you like the most.Succulents for Vertical Garden
  7. Vines – Vines have low maintenance and you can add plenty of them to your vertical garden. Options like ivies, pothos, rosary vines, wandering jew, and philodendron can all grow in a small space. They can survive in indirect sunlight as well.Vines Plants for Vertical Garden
  8. Orchids –If you want to add pretty flowers to your home, try considering orchids. You can choose Dendrobium or Oncidium and add exotic flowers with strappy leaves making your garden look prettier. Orchids need bright light but shouldn’t be right under the sun.Orchids for Vertical Garden
  9. Japanese Iris – The Japanese Iris flowers are another beautiful additional for your vertical garden. They too have strappy green leaves and grows under bright light and partly in shade. You will find them in their best state during the spring and watch pale blue flowers budding brightly.Japanies Iris for Vertical Garden-min
  10. Lipstick plant – Lipstick plants are a cascading plant that hangs from baskets and is perfect for vertical gardens. It trails downward and climbs upward. It looks vibrant red in color and pops up from sprawling stems. These have dark green leaves and add stunning effect on your wall.Lipstick Plant for Vertical Garden

Final thoughts

It is time you choose the kind of plants and flowers you want to add to your vertical garden to add a whole new people to the area around your home or office.

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