Vertical Garden Trend in Bengaluru

Our City Bangaluru once called as The City of Gardens, Over the past two decades this city of gardens changed to IT Hub of India and Electronic City of India. The Gardens, which was the Identity of Bengaluru lost in this phase of Development.
As the day passes people are getting conscious about Environments and its wellbeing, and As a human nature everyone wants fewer efforts and maximum output, with this thinking gave way to “Vertical Garden Concept in Bengaluru.” Vertical gardening is a new trend in Bengaluru which want less maintenance and can be mounted on the wall with very less space.
What Made Vertical Garden Trending in Bangalore?
1) Smaller Space Requirement – As the population grows, Apartment Sizes became more modest, and Vertical Garden required none to zero space, you can install it over the walls indoor or outdoor. As small As 4*4 feet Vertical Garden we can install in the house.
2) Advancement in Irrigations – The Irrigation required for this vertical Garden is Drip or Sprinklers which is already in place in the time of installation. some plants grow on specially designed foam which required only sprinkle water over it, this doesn’t require soil to grow a plant.
3) Long Life Span Plants – The plants used for Vertical gardening has a very long life span, and they can grow with & without sunlight. Some plants can stay healthy in good condition up to 2-3 years.
4) Less Maintenance – With Technical Advancement and Perfect installation, Vertical gardening needs very less maintenance.
5) Make Property Beautiful – Vertical Gardening gives the Facelift for the property, that’s why it is used by interior decorators as well to make the property attractive. It provides the property with a unique look.
6) Indoor-Outdoor Capability – Vertical Garden can be installed outside the apartment in the Balcony or outer wall of the building and can be installed in any were in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. places.
7) Increases Oxygen in Air – With Oxygen Rich Vertical Garden Plants, Oxygen % in Air and Around House increases sustainably.
With doorplants 2+ years experience and after installing 250+ Vertical Gardens across Bangalore city, we felt most of our customers are looking for Beauty in Vertical gardening than its impact on the Oxygen level in Air and its Impact on Healthy Living. But as a Pro-Green Organization, we feel good about this positive change in the Namma Bangalore City.

Vertical Garden Green Wall at Danlaw corporate office Bangalore by Doorplants
Vertical Garden at Corporate Office in Bangalore

One more positive side of Our Vertical Gardening Solutions in Bengaluru is we installed more Vertical Gardens in Corporate Offices & Fitness centers than the individual houses and apartments, which make everyone visiting these places aware of vertical garden benefits. And which is helping us to spread our #GoGreen initiative.
We as an Organization committed to bring back the Greenery back to Bangalore city and make our city “City Of Gardens” in the next 2 years.
If you are searching for Gardening & Landscaping solutions near me, then sit back and call us, we will bring back Greenery in your life.