What are the Best Green Corporate Gifting Ideas?

Corporate gifts are a common gesture to appreciate fellow co-workers. However, it is one of the trickiest purchases you make. A corporate gift reflects class, preference, and what you feel about the person you gift. It often becomes a difficult decision to make especially when you have to gift something to a senior. To add a simple yet effective choice, we will give reasons to look through green corporate gifting ideas.

Best green corporate gifts

Gifting plants depict different meanings and they are usually the reasons why you choose to give such a gift. Find out what type of plant you can gift for corporate purposes and why:

  1. Aloe Vera

Everyone doesn’t want to be regular in the garden. Aloe Vera is a plant that doesn’t need the recipient to give constant attention. If you know that your co-worker is not well aware of plants, you can gift them this one.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera survives even if you neglect it, but it needs to be in sunlight between 55 to 80 degree Fahrenheit. Just keep watering the plants and make use of its unending benefits. Buy a fancy pot to make it look appealing or maybe add the company brand name to it. Aloe Vera has endless uses as a home remedy so the recipient will surely love it.

  1. Succulents

A boss planning to buy corporate gifts in bulk can turn to succulents because they are primarily cheap. It has a low unit rate, but it is a good plant to gift someone. These are just as robust as the aloe vera plant. They have thick roots so once you water them generously, you wouldn’t have to repeat in weeks.Succulents

  1. Snake Plant

Snake Plant absorbs absorb carbon dioxide and benzene and is a great indoor plant. It purifies the air and helps you sleep well at night. You should consider buying this for a client to reflect that you’re concerned about their wellbeing. It is also a low maintenance plant that makes it more desirable.Snake Plants

  1. Flowering plant

Depending on where you stay, you can look for floral plants that blossom all through the year. Flowers, in general, depict new beginnings, vibrancy, and bloom. If you want to show a client or co-worker that you’re happy with his growth or you want him/her to do better, flower plants are the best.Flowering Plants

  1. Fruit tree

If you know that a client has a garden and likes to grow fruits and vegetables, you can consider green gifts on a larger scale. You can offer him/her to get a fruit plant sapling rooted under their garden and take efforts to help him do the initial set up

.Fruit Tree

Fruits are another gesture that reflects the beauty of hard work, growth, and how you enjoy the benefits that ripe. Depending on where you stay, you can choose a fruit that is easy to grow, liked by your client, and a perfect addition to their garden.

  1. Air purifying plants

If you’re planning to go on low a scale, consider air purifying plants that people can keep indoors. It reflects your concerns towards the environment and that you’d want your fellow co-workers to gradually make an environmental impact. These types of plants can include, English Ivy, Spider Plant, Chinese Evergreen, and more. They help you keep the air inside your home purified and breathe well.

Chinese Evergreen

Final thoughts

In an overall, green corporate gifts show that you want your co-worker or client to get better at what they do and stay evergreen. It is a thoughtful gesture that touches people’s heart and leaves a significant impression. Choose the type of plant you’d like to offer and let the recipient know why you bought that for them.


IT Department Karnataka & Goa Goes Green with Office Gardening

If anyone asks to imagine the Income Tax department Office in your mind, what picture first come in your mind?
A typical Old Fashioned Government Office with files and other stuff. But here in Bangalore City, Income Tax Department of Karnataka & Goa decided to revamp the identity of Old Fashioned Government office to New age Corporate office where all the employees & visitors will fresh all the times.

After looking Doorplants work at various Public Places & Corporate office, Admin team of Income Tax department contacted Doorplants Team, to come up with the plans to make office lively with the help of plants.
Our team visited the office Initially and after taking close look at the office, decided to do Vertical Gardening at Entrance and Inside office all the indoor plants to make office. The reason behind the Vertical Graden is to make Visitors & Employees fill fresh at the time of Entry to the Office and Indoor plants will keep the movement inside as well.
After Approval from the IT Department, Doorplants team shared the initial designs with them and after getting final approval in weeks time started working after office hours. And within weeks time completed the Entrance Green wall implementation work as per the designs. On Sunday night Doorplants team come up with the Various type of Indoor plants and placed it in corridors and wherever possible in Office.
As per the Admin team of IT Department “On Monday morning when Employees expression after looking at the changed office was priceless”.

Project Details –
1) Green Wall Vertical Gardening – After doing the initial assessment, our team decided to place attractive low maintenance Air purifying plants like Yellow Money Plants, Variegated Money Plants, and Green Money Plants and for irrigation of this Vertical Garden Structure we added drip irrigation which will automatically water all the plants regularly.
2) Indoor Air Purifying Plants – To keep office Air Clean our team placed Air Purifying Plants in all the Corridors and offices.

So when next time you visit the Income Tax Department take a Snap with Vertical Garden and Tag us on Insta or Facebook.