Best Types of Vertical Gardens

Are you fond of plants? Is gardening your hobby? But, is space a problem for you? In today’s urban lifestyle, space is a major problem in almost every house. But, you do not need to sacrifice all that you want if you get to know the right way of doing it. Vertical gardening is one such solution to the space crunch that you might be facing in your apartment.

You can design your own little space and make your house look more colorful than before, with vertical gardening. This also encourages reusing discarded stuff such as old drainpipes, used flower pots, broken mugs or bowls. Apart from that, you can create your kitchen containers to use as flower pots as well.

Different types of vertical gardens – 

You can refer to quite a number of options if you are confused about how to start designing your vertical garden. This mainly depends on what type of materials you want to use, how much space you have for this garden and also what purpose you want to resolve.

A vertical garden can be used to cover up a faded wall or just as a wall hanging. You can also make a floral partition for some extra private space within a single room. Here are a few ideas you can go through:

  1. Wall structure (Green Wall)

This is one of the most common options which attract most people towards vertical gardening. This is a wall of plants which can be attached to a wall or may also be free-standing. You are free to cover the whole wall with plants and flowers or you can also design the wall in a way that there will be segments to place your pots and containers.

Vertical Gardening Green Wall in Bangalore Private House Doorplants-1

  1. Tiered structure

Have you ever seen how plants grow on a mountain or hill and resemble a staircase? This is exactly the same way how a tiered garden is designed. This usually helps when you do not have wall support for your garden. There can be an array of stairs here and plants grow more in a diagonal design rather than a vertical one.

Tiered Structure Vertical Garden

  1. Gutter Garden

This is a way of reusing your rain gutters in a very creative manner. You can arrange the gutters in whatever way that you like. Just keep in mind that the water from the top must drain down in a proper way. This option is more common in case of even more space shortage. The plants are usually the smaller ones in this type.

Gutter Type Vertical Gardening

  1. Arbor structure

Also known as trellis garden, this might come in many designs, shapes, and sizes. It can be vertical, diagonal or even crisscross. You can get a standard trellis designed from a store but it is better if you design your own using wood or metal wire.Arbor Trellis Vertical Gardens

  1. Drainpipe garden

This is another favorite way of vertical gardening. In this, you can either create a completely vertical pole-like garden or arrange a few pipes against some wall and grow the plants inside.

Make sure that you are making proper holes on the pipe bodies for water and air to pass and also so that the plants can grow out. Bushy plants are the best to grow in this type so that after a point they cover the whole pipe.

Drain Pipe Vertical Gardening

  1. Flowerpot arrangement (Bio Curtains) 

This is one of the easiest of all the other ideas. Here, you just have to choose the type of containers or pots you want to use and arrange them in a wall or a shelf. You can either hang the flower pots on a wall or even use a shoe rack to arrange the pots on it.Bio Curtains Vertical Gardens

Final thoughts

Vertical gardening needs you to have your creative caps on. Make the best use of space and things you have to create the perfect garden for your home or office.

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